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Artist Development

Love Notes Music Group works with each artist to build on the talent they bring to the table, this is done through:

♦ Intention Setting & Visioning

♦ Creating a Customized Strategic Plan

♦ Image and Brand Consulting

♦ On-Going Support from LNMG Staff

Consultation Options

Love Notes Music Group has a consultation package to fit any budget. We welcome all performing and visual artist, with any level of experience to work with LNMG. Choose from:


Power Hour: High level consultation to discuss overall goals and identify your next 3 steps towards achieving them. (by phone)


Deep Dive: Detailed strategic planning session to discuss overall goals, top 3 priorities and identify the next 3 steps to take under each priority. Includes emailed report. (by zoom)

Special Project: Personalized support for one specific project, program or event. Includes planning calls, site visits, document edits (if applicable). Additional fees may apply.

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Artist Showcases

We want our clients to always be prepared to perform, and practice makes perfect. Clients will have the opportunity to participate in activities like:

♦ Listening Parties with Industry Leaders

♦ LNMG Community Talent Showcases

♦ Paid Performances Booked by LNMG

♦ Networking Events with LNMG Clients

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